High-end textiles for people’s comfort and safety in hospitals and industry

ROTECNO® Medical Fabrics were developed to supersede reusable cotton fabrics and offer better performance than single use disposable textiles. They are clinically proven and have become the new worldwide standard for medical textiles

Designed for highest requirements

By utilizing highly sophisticated textile technology, ultrafine polyester and antistatic fibres are combined into unique performance fabrics with the aesthetics of silk.

Operating Theatre

Patients Ward

Emergency team uniform







ROTECNO® Medical Fabrics can be washed and sterilised many times in an energy efficient process.


In order to comply with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC, ROTECNO® together with its stitching partners takes care about the details from the fibre to the finished product with full traceability of the components used for each individual item such as surgical gowns, drapes and clean air suits Therefore ROTECNO® AG operates Quality Management System based on ISO 9001

Constantly Tested

ROTECNO® operates a modern and specialised laboratory where each fabric batch is tested for various criteria prior to be released. The laboratory is working in accordance with EN/ISO 17025 and operates independently from the management

Liquid Penetration Test

By measuring the so-called hydrostatic head (according to EN/ISO 20811), the resistance to penetration of liquids is measured. ROTECNO® MedicalFabrics achieve hydrostatic head levels of up to more than 150 cm in new condition.

Dimensional stability test

In professional use dimensional stability over using period is very important.Therefore, ROTECNO® is testing the shrinkage according to specific protocol in horizontal and vertical direction after a tough washing procedure. Even life cycle tests of shrinkage properties are carried out regularly.

Mechanical resistance test

Compared to disposable textiles, reusable fabrics are mechanically much stronger. ROTECNO® monitors this by testing of tear resistance according to ISO 13937-1 (Elmendorf).Even at the end of life stage, the tear resistance of ROTECNO® Medical Fabrics is much higher than average disposable textiles.

Antistatic Test

In the operation theatre and in cleanrooms it is very important that fabrics do not get statically charged. By carrying out antistatic tests according to DIN 54 345 part 1, ROTECNO® guarantees that all fabrics comply with the requirements they have been designed for.


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